Introducing the Single Rider Golf Scooter

Designed for the modern golfer, our unique three-wheel design makes riding easier than ever, requiring no balance at all, our scooters are the perfect companions for a day on the course. Experience the future of golf transportation with EEZIGOLF.

Why choose our scooter?

Solo Riding Experience

Why do you need a two-seater cart if you play alone? The freedom of an EEZIGOLF one-seater cart enhances the connection between the player and the game, allowing for a more focused and immersive golfing journey.

Wide Three-Wheeler

Ease of riding is our priority. Enjoy the course without worrying about balance.

Long-lasting Battery Life

Fully charged for 54 holes of golf. Never worry about running out of power.

Powerful Performance

Built to conquer any golf course. Experience unbridled power and control.

Remote Control Golf Buggy with Lithium Battery

Revolutionize Your Game with Our Next-Generation Golf Buggies

  • 3 Distinct Models
  • Long-Lasting Lithium Battery
  • Super Lightweight

Unveiling The X4R

The Ultimate Golfing Companion

Meet the X4R—where style meets function in a remote-control golf buggy. Navigate up to 150 meters with ease, enjoy a safe start feature, and keep going for 36 holes on a single charge. Lightweight yet powerful, the X4R is your ticket to a seamless golf experience.

Introducing Model P1R: Your Efficient Golfing Partner

Step up your golf game with the P1R, tailored for those who value efficiency and control. Navigate with ease via a 100-meter remote control range, and enjoy 36 holes on a single battery charge. The P1R combines a lightweight aluminum frame with high-performance dual 180W motors, providing a seamless and safe golfing experience.

Model 601GR: Where Precision Meets Practicality

Maximize your golf experience with the Model 601GR by EEZIGOLF. Designed for control and convenience, this buggy features a 100-meter remote range, quick-folding aluminum frame, and enough battery power for 36 holes. Navigate the course with precision while enjoying the convenience of features like a big operating screen and downhill brake system.

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